Sex in the Tiny House Dam and other Spring Geese tales

so here at Milkwood Farm its getting warmer during the day.

in fact without doubt a bit of Spring has sprung. there is pair of ganders with 4 geese on farm. you see them everywhere. you hear them from anywhere. this mob of geese are a real bunch of laughs to be around. and boy do they get around.

there are numerous dams and waterholes around and the geese just walk from spot to spot chattering and being noisy as they do.

this morning when we started at the Tiny House there they were up at the top dam screeching at each other and warming the valley with their antics. the other night they camped outside my caravan which is a fair bit away. they are so funny to live daily around.  i reckon their walking range is a good 500m radius.

by lunch they had wandered down from the high swale dam passed the Bees, the Chooks and through the Food Forest to us at the Tiny House. To get to the Tiny House and their destination the Tiny House Dam (coz afterall you gotta have purpose) they wander down the House Swale making so much noise you sort of have to stop what you are doing and go watch them

for me its a bit like they are all saying “hey everyone We, The Geese have arrived” .

they just so like to be welcomed.

anyways down the swale they waddle jumping through deep puddles, puddles btw that are being held high in milkwoods landscape by awesome swale infrastructure.

as they navigate their way around via the “milkwood on-contour goose freeway” I cant help but think how much of a lark this place is for geese. they can do what they want, how they want, when they want … and you know what … they do  …. and they put in on show.

down they waddle yelling at each other getting into single file and then …  a quick trot down the wall and plop they are in the House Dam. they love it in there. actually they really Love it . yep, straight into Love.

the ganders get straight onto ride romping their bunch of geese right smartly in the Tiny House Dam.   No mucking around – straight down to business. The Sex in the Tiny House Dam show keeps up for as long as it takes to ensure each goose has been ridden and romped once.

With the job done they diligently move on for the next site.

They are getting to know the pigs – sossy and milly

(photos of the gander boys and their goosey girls to follow)


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