Perma Observation: The Amazing World of Permaculture: The 3 P’s = C

the amazing thing about permaculture is its world.

the people you meet. the things they do and the projects they are working on. the places they live,.

i call them the all-embracing 3P’s of Perma – People, Projects and Places and they make up the permacommunity.

there is also a strong bond of values. the ethical principles of permaculture provide a triangulated strength of connection that attracts highly effective, truly holistic people.

my personal experience of the permacommunity is how valuable it has been for me. it has  enabled a sense of place for being and for thinking, feeling, living and socialising in ways that are sustainable and regenerative.

the amazing world of permaculture is a very diverse and a creatively inspiring space to be in.

and diversity is without any doubt one of the great keys to Permaculture.

the diversity of the 3P’s is one that is well used and valued. one that culminates in strong resilient Community (C)

its no different here at Milkwood.

an example of this diversity is my past 24hrs.

My Activity Notes –  the diarised flow of my day within a work team of 4 ppl

  • checked the pigs and that their pen and shelter structures are in order good
  • installed 2 grandpa feeders into the chook run
  • carted 3 full wheelbarrows of grass cut from the Food Forest path construction to ‘prime’ the chooks Gravity Run with inputs.
  • moved the 3 rooster boys in the Chook Dome up the hill in Patch 7 – the wind break of the Food Forest construction.
  • installed a mesh fence around 20m2 of 5 varieties of garlic in raised beds – the geese were having a go.
  • installed 5m of trimming pine into the ceiling of the Tiny House for lighting, smoke detectors and light pull switches.
  • installed a hand-crafted recycled timber awning window that weighed 100kg
  • measured up 5m2 of exterior wall framing to enable depth extension for corrugated iron cladding.
  • cut 20m of hillside ground into on-contour swale based 600mm wide pathways for access through the Milkwood Food Forest.
  • Dug out a 250kg boulder from the ground and repositioned it using a pinch bar as a thermal mass element on the ground within the Food Forest.
  • 3 hour of collaborative web-based work flow management

Tools Used List – the tools I used for the job – multiple jobs across multiple tasks

  • hammer,
  • cordless drill,
  • screwdriver,
  • ladder,
  • tape measure,
  • wheelbarrow,
  • mallet,
  • mattock,
  • post hole shovel,
  • crow bar,
  • hose,
  • fire fighting pump,
  • hand saw,
  • rake,
  • ruler,
  • square,
  • straight edge
  • saw guide
  • power saw,
  • a chisel,
  • pliers,
  • broom,
  • caulking gun,
  • pincers,
  • nail punch,
  • g-clamp,
  • tin snips,
  • electric planer,
  • spanner,
  • quad bike,
  • walkie talkie,
  • laptop,
  • multiple online management apps

perhaps there should be a subset to the People Care ethic. That People Care constitutes the value of People, Place and Project.

And that 3P’s = Community (C)

And that C is powered by Diversity.


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