Perma Observation – Knowers, Doers, Learners and the output of Effective Permaculturists

‘Knowers’ think, know but rarely Do,

Knowers learn only based on what they know.

Knowers are non-doing thinkers stuck in their ‘groove’,

‘Doers’ do but rarely think or aim to know. Doers are non-knowing thinkers stuck in their ‘move’

‘Learners’ by contrast learn.

Learners are a holism of the Knower and the Doer.

Learners learn and they do so in a multitude of ways – they feel, they think and they do so as to know and they do to enrich to their learning in order to know more.

Learners understand when to be creative and innovative and within a sense of individual order and structure.

The aim of permaculture and perma teaching should be to increase the output of Learners.

Learners in the above sense are Effective Permaculturists.


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