Perma Food: Trev’s Blood Dip – Food for the Zone 00 and all the Domains

So Trev’s Blood Dip

…. is a combination of foods groups (root vege, nuts & yoghurt) that when combined not only pack a nutrient dense punch but when prepared slowly and with care for taste and texture are amazing.

slow roasted caramellised beetroot and roasted almond dip.

Nutritionally this mix is good for the production of red blood cells (blood) in the bone marrow. the nutrient and functional food values from the combination of probiotics, trace elements, minerals – especially iron and protein combine to be a very good food for the Blood … hence Trev’s Blood Dip.


  • 2x medium beetroots – slow roasted for 2 hrs until shiny caramellised.
  • 1 cup yr choice of nut (here is almond but could use whatever) – slow toasted until yum smelling, chop into small pieces or grind using mortar pestle if you have time
  • black pepper – 2 tsp whole corns ground in a mortar & pestle – use good fresh, bitey pepper.
  • sea salt – 2-3 tsp flakes or granules (good sea salt has a broad mineral & trace element value) – here i used hawaiian pink salt – alalea sea salt – ‘mineral from the land & sea’ they say
  • fresh yoghurt – 5Tbs – here i made a fresh batch using a pre-set method – the greek yoghurt using this method is super yum.
  • egg mayonnaise  (optional) – 1tsp
put all the ingredients into a blender and mix until pureed
adjust the seasonings if desired.
to serve
bake a fresh bread loaf of bread  (use a wholemeal wheat or spelt flour for a hearty textured loaf).
once baked, let cool then toast the bread until its super crispy. cut into bits
to eat
using a teaspoon serve liberally onto toasty bits.
in between morsels have a teaspoon of fresh yogurt.
drink a cup of piping hot (milky) sweet black tea (or hot bevvy of choice)
Tech Notes for Perma Foods:
  • Foods like my Blood Dip here really do provide such incredible nutrient availability for sustained health & wellness. the nutrient and caloric density of these foods makes good ‘agronomic’ sense. when used amongst a variety of foods, functional food dips like this could easily be used as a low cost big-bang staple to reduce the volume (quantity) of food consumed but also the raise the nutritional value (quality). This could only make sense at the level of the value of soil to the need to feed people.
  • The beauty of living by the People Care principle is that you connect to food and to its value in an holistic manner. Preparing a diversity of nutritious food for ourselves and importantly for others – the people we care about – and importantly with time to enjoy and digest it falls into the Domain of Health & Spiritual Wellbeing in the Permaculture Design System Flower (David Holmgren).
  • By maintaining a balance across the Domains and with a good daily practice of permaculture principles I would argue that the Blood Dip is a food that sits squarely for the Zone 00.