Design Services

I have a strong interest in organisational management and the development of any permaculture strategy that integrates process and technology.

A snapshot from my recent portfolio of some of the Design Services I have provided confirms this and includes:

March 2011 – Bridport Walking Track: as Support Designer I compiled a comprehensive Design & Construction Guide and Track Route proposal that redefined the route of a $1 million dollar Community Development and Employment Project (CDEP). The CDEP employed and provided a traineeship in Conservation & Land Management for 35 people to manually construct 5 kms of Bush Track through stunning coastal and riparian habitat of NE Tasmania. The Track Route I proposed addressed issues of water across the landscape and therefore provided an insight into issues of sustainability in the design and construction of the project in terms of maintenance costs across the life of the track.

I salute my colleague John ‘Snapper’ Hughes for his support and inspirational design and construction efforts over the years in Tasmania’s iconic World Heritage Listed National Parks.

April 2010 – Fairweather – sustainable farm (NE Tasmania): as Permaculture Strategist I presented an integrated permaculture design strategy for mixed purposed land use on a 50 acre organic beef farm in NE Tasmania. This 18 month onsite Design Process was extensive and included extensive water harvesting and storage initiatives to support:

  • a keyline- based farm forestry program outputting fine tasmanian wood for fine furniture craft
  • an asiatic medicinal mushroom production,
  • an intensive based beef cattle grazing system,
  • a 5 acre temperate Perma-Wellness food forest and
  • a perennially inter-planted heirloom tomato vineyard.

Feb 2010 – Toby’s Hill Rd, Cygnet, Huon, Southern Tasmania: as a commissioned Permaculture Designer I presented a land pre-purchase investigation report for clients that were at that time based overseas in the Netherlands. The client sought to ensure the property checked all their boxes as far as their technical and lifestyle requirements were concerned and given the fact that they were not able to physically walk on and inspect the property given their location.

The client wanted assurance that the land had the potential to adopt an integrated permaculture design strategy. The permaculture strategy investigation and report process that I facilitated and provided in written form was developed 100% remotely from the client through the use of communications technologies. This included the use of Instant Messaging, VOIP (via skype), Email, Videographic and Still imagery and GPS / GIS based mapping techniques. The client gained a concise conceptual insight of the land’s potential to the extent that they went onto purchase the property without ever having set foot on it with confidence.

2007-2008 Naturmama – for natural lifestyles e-retail concept store

As e-marketing strategist amongst a tight network of extraordinary designers I facilitated the brand, store design as well as learning strategies and media process for a multimedia-based retail concept store called naturmama – for natural lifestyles.

The store utilised multimedia created and delivered from an offsite studio directly into the retail learning space via media screens situated within an in-store colour-defined product-category zone-based design.

The brand was created to reflect the market sentiment and incorporated sub-branding elements to enable categorisation. The categorisation was taken down to the individual product level in terms of the database used to manage store inventory. This laid the basis for naturmama’s multimedia and learning organisational development.

Instore personal devices were incorporated into the staff-customer learning and customer service process. This very technologically advanced interactive store concept was award short-listed nationally for its Environmentally Sensitive Design merit.

I salute my awesome collaborators Carly Perkins, Pip McConnel-Oates, Helene Webb, Revy Bryce-Browning, Ellen Beattie and Kimberley Middlemis for their creative brilliance in this fantastic project.

Generally, I am very interested in developing and providing Design Services that:

Care for the Earth by

  • ensuring all land purchases or management plans have an overarching integrated permaculture strategy empowering the decision making process.

Care for People by

  • identifying organisational strategies for actioning and teaching permaculture.
  • supporting the integration of e-learning systems with participatory-based workshop environments for knowledge empowerment.
  • enabling better zone 00 sensibility into the permaculture design and learning process

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