Learning Services

I am currently doing a Certificate IV in Training and Education (TAE) and spending time developing insights into different models available for permaculture learning in Australia.

I am keen to organise new conceptual models for permaculture learning and develop these into a Learning Service that both innovates and inspires action amongst people and organisations.

As part of the Learning Service of permaculture strategy I am working toward the  development of Learning Programs which include:

  • PermaKids – a collaborative effort, the PermaKids Learning Program sit as a parallel program to a full Permaculture Design Course that aims to provide sustainability learning access for kids of defined ages.
  • PermaFoods – Food for the Zone 00 and all the Domains
  • PermaBalance – Better enabling Zone 00 (or Infinity) in the Perma Design Process (developed from integrated concepts of Permaculture & Mind-Body medicine.
  • PermaEthics – Strategies for the Best Practice Permaculture Organisation.

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